We have a new warehouse with better parking! 

Come visit us for the best stone flooring and tools at unbeatable prices. We are a wholesale warehouse so we keep costs down to help you afford your dream space. 

2213 Ringwood Ave, San Jose, CA 95131



Monday-Friday 5:45am-2pm  Saturday 8am-1:30pm


New Location

Come see our new warehouse today and let us inspire your next flooring project!


Show Room

 Our show room is just what you need and like us, uncomplicated. We love to offer stone at the best prices in town. Simple. Come take a look.



Tools and Equipment

 Fortunately, you won't have to shop around to find all the supplies you need in order to complete your project. Whether you are a contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, we have what you need to get the job done. 

Diamond Saws and Blades


Diamond Blades


How do you cut Stone? With Diamonds! We have a blade to cut every material and a price to fit every budget. Diamond blades allow you to cut your beautiful pieces and perfect your space. The blades you find at TERICO are the best out there and at unbeatable prices.




Stay Warmer for Cheaper


We are significantly under retail when it comes to under floor warming systems. You will save enormously when shopping with us. Come check out our stock AND PRICES for underfloor heating.



Thinset Adhesive


You'll need a strong adhesive to hold your flooring in place and our thinset gets the job done - TERICO's formula is the best out there. We have been perfecting it for over 50 years so it better be! Come try it today.



Achieve perfection with the right spacers


Spacers help ensure you have uniformity to your tile project. We carry all the sizes you need. Come see our large selection today.



Stone Laying Tools



There are many things contractors may need to get the job done and we have you covered.  Gloves, mixers, trowels, extension cords, diamond blades, sponges, rags, drill bits, grout floats, sinks, shower niches, polishing disks/pads, utility knives, levels, metal trim, face/dust mask and measuring tapes and more! Get the best prices with supplies with us.